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policy control-policy default-action, policy route-policy default-action, policy data-policy vpn-list default-action, policy vpn-membership default-action—Configure the default action to take when the match portion of a policy is not met (on vEdge routers and vSmart controllers only).

vManage Feature Template

For vEdge routers and vSmart controllers:

Configuration ► Policies

Command Hierarchy

For Application-Aware Routing

  app-route-policy policy-name
      sla-class sla-class-name

For Centralized Control Policy

  control-policy policy-name
    default-action action

For Localized Control Policy

  route-policy policy-name
    default-action action

For Centralized Data Policy

  data-policy policy-name
    default-action action

For Localized Data Policy

  access-list acl-name
    sequence number
      default-action action


Default Action
policy app-route-policy policy-name default-action sla-class sla-class-name
policy control-policy policy-name default-action (accept | reject)
policy route-policy policy-name default-action (accept | reject)
policy data-policy policy-name default-action (accept | drop)
policy vpn-membership policy-name default-action (accept | drop)
policy access-list acl-name default-action (accept | drop)
Default action to take if an item being evaluated by a policy matches none of the match conditions. If you configure no policy (specifically, if you configure no match–action sequences within a policy), the default action, by default, is to accept all items. If you configure a policy with one or more match–action sequences, the default action, by default, is to either reject or drop the item, depending on the policy type.

Operational Commands

show running-config policy


Create a centralized control policy that changes the TLOC for accepted packets:

  control-policy change-tloc
​    default-action accept
    sequence 10
      action accept
      set tloc

Release Information

Command introduced in Viptela Software Release 14.1.​
Application-aware routing added in Release 14.2.

Additional Information

See the Policy Overview article for your software release.

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